Personal Information

Paper Love understands how annoying it is to have your details given away to third parties. Therefore, we treat all of your information as private and confidential. We do not pass any of it onto third parties. We will only contact our customers to confirm orders and shipping or to reply to emails instigated by the customer. We also will not bombard you with promotional offers and discounts. If you want to be advised of these, please sign up to our newsletter.

Pictures on our website

Most of our images are of real life examples and are not used unless we have received written permission from relevant customers to do so. We will ensure that no images display any personal information such as phone numbers and addresses and any other information as requested by our customers. In other cases, the names, location and timing of events we use on the invitations on our website are fictional and in no way reflect anyone living or dead. If such instances occur where these details reflect your personal situation or someone you know, it is purely coincidental. Pictures of real life orders will also not be used until AFTER the event date has passed.

External Links

All external links provided by Paper Love are a guide only. We post links that we deem relevant to the website. However, we do not take responsibility for content posted on websites that do not belong to us. These sites are able to change their content at any point in time. If we find that external content becomes inappropriate, we will remove the links as soon as possilbe. Please contact us if you have any issues with any links that appear on our website.


Testimonials are published only with permission from written testimonials only. They do not incluse any personal information about the author aside from first names. You are also able to reqeust a pseudonym for your testimonial if preferred. All testimonials are 100% genuine and come from real customers that have conducted business with Paper Love.