our story

Hi! I’m Lydia, the designer behind Paper Love Invites!

I’m a self-taught graphic and stationery designer, in love with all things minimal, simple, handmade and romantic.

I am a one woman show although sometimes I have the 'help' of my 3 boys!


My passion is to make people feel excited, encouraged and inspired with my stationery, and to help you share and celebrate all of life’s beautiful moments with your loved ones in style.  We love the thought of the surprise, magic and beauty of your gorgeous thoughtful stationery arriving in letterboxes!

With a background of over 7 years as an Events and Wedding Manager, we are all about the little unexpected details and having everything in its place from start to finish.  

I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland, love travelling the world with my family and think that a cup of tea makes everything better! I am a fairly private person so you won't see too many photos of me or my family on here but just know that everything we do we do it with lots of love, from me to you!

Any questions, anytime, please contact us we'd love to hear from you. I'll get back to you as soon as possible!